Optically clear sealing film for qPCR (Pierceable) - 100 Films/Unit

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346,00 € Exclusief btw

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    • Optically clear films
    • Strong thermal bond
    • Pierceable and peelable options
    • For use with Accuris SmartSeal and other semi-automated thermal plate sealers
    • Pierceable
    • Withstand from -200°C to 110°C.

    These Seal films are designed for quick and easy sealing of multi-well plates in semi-automated thermal plate sealers. Foil films are ideal for long term storage of samples in polypropylene plates. Able to withstand DMSO and other solvents, the films can be used in freezers and incubators, from -200°C to 110°C. The optically clear films are ideal for use with qPCR and ELISA samples and are compatible with most plate types, including polypropylene, polycarbonate, and polyethylene. Peelable, pierceable and strong bonding options are available. Seals are supplied as individual 125x78mm sheets in packs of 100.