Luciferase (firefly)-2A-GFP (CMV, Puro) Lentivirus
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    Pre-made Lentivirus express firefly luciferase 3 gene under a modified CMV promoter. A GFP marker was co-expressed under the same promoter. Luciferase and GFP were bicistronically and constitutively expressed as two individual protein mediated by a 2A element. (optionally, you can turn it into Tet inducible expression by used together with its repressor, TetR). 

    A Puromycin antibiotic marker was expressed under RSV promoter, allows to sort or select transduced cells via GFP signal or via Puromycin antibiotic (Dual selection). GFP signal provides convenient, real-time monitoring of the lentivirus performance.