Cell Lysis Buffer 3 (Cytoplasmic proteins, nuclear matrix proteins, membrane proteins) - 100 mL

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    The lysis buffers are suitable for lysis of cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus and other cellular components as noted on the data sheet. The use of lysis buffers can facilitate the release of proteins and other cellular components from the cellular structure, which can be useful for downstream applications such as further extractions, ELISA, and Western blot.

    There are 4 types of lysis buffers, each of which is best suited for isolating proteins from different cellular locations. Please refer to the below table to choose the right buffer for Your application:

    Lysis Buffer 1Membrane proteins including surface proteins, receptors
    Lysis Buffer 2Cytoplasmic proteins, structural proteins, etc.
    Lysis Buffer 3Cytoplasmic proteins, nuclear matrix proteins, membrane proteins, etc.
    Lysis Buffer 4Nuclear matrix proteins, endosome and other organelles protein