Human Fibroblast Cell Growth Medium Kit (500 mL Basal Medium + Supplement Mix, antibiotic-free)
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    Name: Human Fibroblast Cell Growth Medium Kit

    Description: Human Fibroblast Cell Growth Medium Kit is optimized for the optimal growth of human fibroblast cells. The media contains proprietary formulation for optimal growth of fibroblast cells in 5% CO2 condition.

    The kit is supplied as a basal media and growth supplement mix:
    1.TM107– Basal Medium (500 ml)
    2.TM107 –S – Supplement Mix – antibiotic-free

    To make the complete growth media, add the entire contents of the growth supplement mix to the basal medium and mix thoroughly.

    Unit: 1 Kit

    Sterility: Pass

    Appearance: Liquid

    Shipping Conditions: Ice packs (+4C)

    QC: Each lot has been fully tested and optimized for its ability to support in vitro cell culture. The testing parameters include: adherence rate (where applicable), typical morphology, and metabolism of the tested cells. Additionally, the media has been tested for sterility, pH, osmolality and endotoxin levels.

    Storage Conditions: Store basal media at 4-8°C and all supplement mix components at -20°C, unless indicated otherwise. The complete kit is good to use until the listed expiry date on the bottle. Media requiring supplementation expires 30 days post-supplementation.

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