Human Myoglobin monoclonal antibody [Clone: M1709Mg1] - 1 mg
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    Synonyms: Monoclonal Myoglobin antibody, Anti-Myoglobin antibody

    Specificity: Human

    Immunogen: Myoglobin antibody was raised in Mouse using myoglobin as the immunogen

    Assay Information: This antibody can be used as the detection antibody in ELISA and Lateral Flow assays with 10-1362 as the capture antibody to detect Myoglobin


    Host: Mouse

    Form & Buffer: Supplied in 50mM NaCl, 10 mM PBS pH 8.0, with 0.05% NaN3

    Grade & Purity: > 95% pure

    Isotype: IgG1

    Clone: M1709Mg1

    Storage: Store at 2-8 deg C for short term storage. For long term storage aliquot and store at -20 deg C, avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles