QuickFold™ Protein Refolding Kit & Buffers - 1 kit


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    The QuickFoldTM Protein Refolding Kit is a screening kit that enables researchers to pinpoint the critical factors for refolding their protein in as little as 1 hour. Unlike many traditional kits, the Quick-FoldTM Kit employs a fractional factorial matrix design that allows the researcher to screen a specific protein in 15 different buffers quickly and easily. Researchers are able to examine a wider range of conditions all in a single experiment, simplifying the process of identifying the best buffer composition and method for the refolding of a given protein. The QuickFoldTM Kit comes with enough buffer for 10 refolding experiments, as well as supplemental Dithiothreitol and a Glutathione Redox System. Each buffer is available for individual purchase and is supplemented with the necessary Glutathione Redox System and/or DTT. Individual Buffers come in 500mL and 1L amounts.