HyperScribe™ Poly (A) Tailing Kit - 25 reactions

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    HyperScribe™ Poly (A) Tailing Kit is a set of reagents designed to add a ≥150 base poly (A) tail to RNA transcripts generated with the HyperScribe™ T7 High Yield RNA Synthesis Kit. The kit is completed by using E. coli Poly (A) Polymerase (E-PAP) and ATP. Then the resulting capped and tailed RNA can be used in transfection or micro-injection experiments where mRNA stability and translation efficiency may be increased relative to unmodified mRNA.


    Components and Storage

    100 uLE-PAP (2 units/uL)-20°C
    600 uL5X E-PAP Buffer-20°C
    100 uLATP Solution (100 mM)-20°C
    250 uL25 mM MnCl2-20°C
    1 mL x 2Nuclease - free Waterany temp*

    * Store Nuclease-free Water at -20°C, 4°C, or room temperature.


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