pAAV-RC2 Vector - 10 µg
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    pAAV-RC2 Vector - 10 µg

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    Adeno-associated viruses (AAVs) are derived from defective parvoviruses, which depend on essential helper functions provided by other viruses, such as adenovirus and herpes virus, for efficient viral replication and propagation. AAV has no etiologic association with any known diseases and has been successfully used to establish efficient and long-term gene expression in vivo in a variety of tissues without significant cellular immune responses or toxicity. AAV has a single-stranded DNA genome which consists of approximately 4.7 kb. All characterized AAV serotypesshare three key features, including two copies of AAV terminal repeats (ITRs), one rep region and one cap region. The ITRs are capable of forming T-shape secondary structure and are the only cis elements that are required for AAV replication, packaging, integration, and rescue. The rep region encodes four overlapping proteins designated as Rep78, Rep68, Rep52, and Rep40, according to the apparent molecular mass of the protein. In addition to their well-defined roles in AAV replication, Rep proteins also regulate AAV packaging and site-specific integration. The cap region encodes three structural proteins, VP1, VP2, and VP3. These three proteins share the same reading frame (see Figure 1).